What sex problems obese people face

Morbid obesity brings many problems to sexual intercourse of the couple. The person experiences lower libido and poorer performance therefore people do not get pleasure from sex. For this reason, the person refuses from sexual intercourse, as the study asserts.

Actually, obese people tend to apply with their sexual problems 25 times faster in comparison with people whose weight is normal. One of the authors of the study Martin Binks, PhD, from Duke University Medical Center says in the interview that the results surprised them - the difference was higher than they previously thought.

The report was presented at the annual meeting of the North American Association for the Study of Obesity. This event takes place in Las Vegas.

Binks says that the theme is not that easy for discussion, but the problem is topical. There are too many patients with obesity in the USA, and their number is growing. At the same time, it is wrong to call this problem purely physical as there are many psychological aspects in it that are also important. This complicated tangle of problems makes the issue hard to resolve. Obese person thinks also about the image and may not be satisfied with it. It causes anxiety in people and it affects their performance.

Obesity is connected with quality of sex

The study included 928 participants of both sexes with obesity (whose body mass index is above 40). Body mass index (BMI) shows the amount of body fat in a person. 50% of them required treatment to overcome the obesity. They and the rest with normal weight were asked to answer the questions about sexual life. The researchers were interested if they enjoyed sex, had problems with performance and libido. The participants were also asked to share if they avoided having sex.

  • 65% of the participants with obesity from the treatment group stated that they had serious sex problems. 41% from the non-treatment group mentioned the same. In comparison with them, only 5% of the patients with standard weight had sexual problems.
  • Among half of the obese from the treatment group had low libido. 42% told about the difficulties with performance. At this 41% tried not to have sex.
  • Non-treatment group included 29% of patients with low libido. 24% did not want to have sex.
  • Compare it with a group of participants who had a normal weight: 2% had sex performance problems. 3% tried to keep away from sex.

10 times less enjoyment

The level of enjoyment was considerably lower. 28% of obese patients from the treatment group stated that they experienced less pleasure. 30% of those who entered the non-treatment group said the same. The rate of those who were not satisfied with sex in normal weight group was only 4%. It means that obese people have 10 times less enjoyment than the rest.

It is interesting to note that women suffer from the problem more than men. Those, who were treated ultimately, received positive results if we compare the effect with those who did not get treatment.

Why treatment is important

It is very important for obese people to have treatment. This problem arises not only for physical reasons but psychological as well. Obesity makes people less attractive. It makes them feel alienation from others though the number of people who suffers from obesity is rather big.

Those who try to overcome this problem should not separate themselves from the rest. Obese patients should not behave as if obesity rules them. They have the right to lead the same lifestyle. Such people hate themselves often and this interferes with their life. There is no necessity in hatred if you want to improve yourself. The person can get rid of extra weight loving his or her body.

Restore your self-esteem!

Look for help if you need to combat the problem. If you cope with it, the sexual problems may disappear. In some cases, it can be enough, in others - it does not, and the root of the problem is deeper. When the person loses weight, he starts controlling his life and restores his self-esteem.

Obesity and sexual problems require your attention

At last, the problem of sexual function and obesity became the common concern. The study on this subject was published in the journal Obesity Research, where the author of this work came up with the following conclusion.

The research studied 2810 participants of both sexes. The obese, overweight and slim people had the same attitude to sex and experienced equal satisfaction.

Bad attitude to obese people are perceived negatively. The person is always compared with slim people with normal weight. This criticism forms inferiority complex. Some of them become depressed or obsessed with the idea to lose weight. Negative signals received from the society tells upon the sexual sphere. Obese people have more restrictions that they create themselves in mind. This aspect of life becomes restricted for them.

All this proves the fact that it is essential to discuss sexual problems with patients who are diagnosed with obesity. It should be a part of clinical practice. Obesity affects the lifestyle of the person. Sexual satisfaction is very important. It is one of the basic needs of the person therefore, we should openly discuss the problem when it occurs to avoid the other ones that can follow them.