Tips for ED patients with low T

In some cases, ED is only a symptom of low level of testosterone. You need to study more about erectile dysfunction and ways of its treatment to see the link between these conditions.

The level of testosterone can affect the personís health. There is connection between the arousal and testosterone. Therefore poor libido is one of the most evident symptoms along with ED.

What brings to erectile dysfunction?

Certainly, the diagnosis of ED does not automatically mean that low testosterone is to blame for it. The root of the problem is deeper, as a rule. The decrease of testosterone really brings to poor sexual drive and, consequently, the problems appear. The man fails to reach and maintain the erection. Often the ED develops for other reasons that are in no way connected to sexual hormone. The list includes high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, alcohol or tobacco abuse and etc. Such causes develop without any link to testosterone. They cause problem in the same mechanism and in this way or the other normal blood flow is prevented. There can also be a psychological condition of the person in the basis of ED problem: tension, depressed condition, anxiety and others. Some people develop ED due to medical products or procedures. Injuries also bring to erectile dysfunction.

Did low T become a cause of my ED condition?

Taking into account that there are so many things that can bring to ED, it can be hard to determine if it was the level of testosterone that brought to this condition or some other cause. The doctor usually looks for other causes that occur when the patient suffers from low T. The man can have irritation and anxiety frequently. He is depressed and finds it hard to concentrate.

Special tips from medical specialists to ED patients with low T

Only the doctor can determine the true cause of ED. The condition can develop as a result of some underlying disease that can be even more dangerous for the person therefore urgent treatment is necessary. For instance, this is how the person can find out that he suffers from cardiovascular disease that does not manifest itself in some other way.

It can be hard to have sexual intercourse when you try to solve your ED problem because the person faces emotional complications that affect physical challenges. Nevertheless, such cases are easily treated, as the experts consider, therefore one should apply for medical assistance and take the necessary treatment. The results of research demonstrate the effect of testosterone replacement therapy. The positive influence of such treatment was noticed by the specialists. This was proved by Dr. Davis, a director of the Low T Center that is located in Indianapolis. But when the condition is too severe the replacement therapy may help the patient only when the replacement therapy is combined with ED pills. The result is almost guaranteed in case the condition is treatable with non-surgery methods.

Other tips were also obtained from Gregory Lowe, MD, who works as an urologist in Wexner Medical Center at The Ohio State University. He offers to increase the effect incorporating health habits to your life. Healthy lifestyle along with treatment techniques can do magic especially when it is accompanied with positive attitude. Low T influences emotions of the person and the strength of the person. When the experience is positive the treatment is more effective.