The cause of premature ejaculation: is it all in your mind?

The most common sexual problem with women is their inability to reach the orgasm during sexual intercourse while every third man suffers from the opposite thing: he does it too fast! Being unable to provide orgasmic euphoria for the partner man is depressed and feels unhappy. It affects the relationship. As you see the issue of orgasm is complicated with women even without it, but rapid ejaculation deteriorates the situation even more!

First, men should relax and not worry much over it. 15 percent of women never have orgasm. 10 percent of female population have it only during masturbation. Many women experience orgasm only after additional stimulation of clitoris. If it is so, all your efforts to prolong the sexual intercourse as much as possible with one of these women are wasted. Other things are needed to make your partner satisfied. However, sometimes the intercourse is so short that it is impossible to achieve satisfaction from such sex. It is important to do something about it as soon as possible until it adds problems to your relationship and inferiority complex to the person who feels guilty for it.

In the beginning, you should see the difference between the complaint of man and the reality. The doctor will diagnose the condition based on the current classification of sexual dysfunctions.

You will certainly want to find out what exactly caused the condition and, probably, your doctor will have some opinions on the subject, but, actually, the causes of premature ejaculation are not clear. There are just theories that were not proved scientifically. There is an opinion that performance anxiety brings to this condition. When man has unresolved emotions keeping his mind in the unconscious repression that emphasizes the wish to possess the mother that is called by specialists Oedipus complex this can also be the cause of premature ejaculation. Other experts expressed the view that PE is a result of little sex only. It is really so and this does not require treatment. Regular sex will enhance the condition. However, in some patients it does not disappear even with much sex.

There are physiological factors that cause PE but we will regard only psychological factors in this article. Though there is little information about premature ejaculation, there are some things that can't be ignored when treating the condition. It can be enough in such cases to communicate with the patient and simple coaching can help.

The man experiences ejaculation when his brain transmits the signals via the nervous system using serotonin. Receptors absorb it and this has a calming effect on the organism of a man. After absorption, man is not able to control the body any longer and ejaculation happens. At this, one should know about the involvement of serotonin into a number of other processes connected with emotional issues and psychological problems of the person. The task of the doctor is to track this connection and find out why serotonin is absorbed so fast causing premature ejaculation.

The psychological problems can occur on the basis of physiological problems or initially caused by depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, tension and other factors that suppress the person. The specialists are sure that negative experience of the past can play a big role in the development of this condition. If there is something in the past that made the man perform quickly it can tell on the experience and result in PE. The same is referred to trauma received in the course of sexual experience. The association connects sex with this trauma and this brings to premature ejaculation each time.

Fears of men lie deep and can reveal in a number of ways. Premature ejaculation is just one of them. Alongside with it, other sexual dysfunctions appear as well because a man is afraid to be a bad lover. The anxiety brings to poor performance and poor performance makes man worry again. It is hard to break this circle without professional psychological assistance. The man with anxiety can't control his ejaculation.

Woman can't expect much from a depressed person. The chemical changes in the brain affect the organism and cause premature ejaculation. Young people who do not have enough sexual experience can worry much. Self-confidence can be essential in questions of this kind. Though premature ejaculation is physical occurrence it can be initiated with simple shyness and lack of confidence – properties that are common for young people. But men can be suppressed even when they are older. When there is tension in life, person is stressed at work or at home, it does not let him relax and this can end badly. Sex serves greatly when it distracts from routine and unpleasant things but when man is submerged into stress he can't focus on pleasure. The control is lost and everything happens without regulation on the part of the person. Try not to get used to failures of this kind because they form a bigger load of negative experience and it will be harder to break from this circle in the future.