Sex for Men after 50

What comes to your mind when you think about men's sexual health after 50? Low testosterone? Erectile dysfunction? If you are interested in magazine and television advertisements, you might know that these are the problems men face in middle age.

It is a well-known fact that the older man becomes, the higher is the risk to develop the erectile dysfunction. Actually, erectile dysfunction is the inability to start or sustain the erection hard enough for sexual connections. In middle age, men's testosterone level decreases which can result in lower sex urge.

However, it is not a problem of all men. As we grow older, our attitude to things changes and we do behave in a different way. You can even enjoy some advantages after 50.

Erections in older age. Are they different?

It is believed that hard erections represent youth and virility. A lot of men worry about the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction in advanced age. But men in their fifties or sixties shouldn't expect the similar erections as they had in younger age.

Erections do alter. It may take more time for you to understand. The man may require more sexual arousal to achieve that. Probably, the erections are not as hard as before but the sex is no less pleasurable.

This is normal. Once a man accepts this, he will not waste his effort and time on trifles and will concentrate on good. Maybe it is even better than quick erections and ejaculations in younger age. Moreover, the time spent with your partner can be more emotionally satisfying than before. In fact, men can achieve orgasm without getting erection. Oral sex or manual stimulation can help to have orgasm provided a man is relaxed and patient.

The key to your problems is in your head you should realize changes to solve your sexual problems. You should accept them and cope with them. Release your worries concerning erections, concentrate more on what really matters and give pleasure to each other.

Pleasing Partners

Your arousal and orgasm arrives fast when you are young. However, it is all over when your female partner is not satisfied. This incongruity often becomes a sexual problem for a many couples.

However, older men get down to business slower and act in pace with their female partners. In these circumstances, couples discover each other's preferences and explore a new sexual experience.

Men may find out that female partners also enjoy the slower pace. Katherine Anne Forsythe, sexuality educator, confirms in her article "Why I'd Rather Sleep with a Man over 50" that men over fifty can be great lovers due for three main reasons: they do not hurry, they know wishes of women and they know that good sex may not involve sexual intercourse at all since it's only one of the alternatives.

People usually associate sex with a penetrative sexual connection. But it's a broader notion and this is good news for men who suffer from ED. Good sex can involve sexual intercourse or it can be touching, cuddling, kissing, oral sex and massage. To keep the spark going, some couples begin playing sexual games or using sex toys.

Change of sexual activities and start of new ones can really refresh the relations, making them diverse and more thrilling.