Premature ejaculation symptoms

Premature ejaculation or PE is a condition that brings to fast ejaculation during sex. The other terms you can run across are early/rapid ejaculation, premature/rapid climax. In other words, man reaches orgasm faster than needed. He expels semen short time later after sexual intercourse begins. Not much stimulation of the male organ is required for that. It does not let the couple enjoy the sexual intercourse and brings to the problems in relations. The doctors tried to define the condition with more accuracy and concluded that ejaculation that occurs in less than one minute or about it can be named premature.

You should not worry about premature ejaculation if it is rare, but as soon as it becomes frequent, you should apply to the doctor for treatment. The condition is a common problem among men. According to calculations, 30% of men have problems of this kind. The reasons for the condition can vary. Some men acquire it for psychological reasons, in others it reveals itself because of biological factors. The basic sign of the problem is the fact of ejaculation that happens during sexual intercourse or during masturbation. The condition can be either primary or secondary. When it is primary, it means that PE continues the whole life. This is the most severe form of PE that is harder to treat. Secondary ejaculation is acquired after certain events. The difference is clear. Patients with primary ejaculation had never experienced normal sexual intercourse, while the patients who belong to the second group were satisfied with sex previously. However, they have similar symptoms. You should apply to the doctor as soon as possible to get suitable treatment that can include medication and psychological support of the patient.

It must be said that there are not so many medications to treat premature ejaculation. Many of them are researched at present.

The doctor should find the solution to delay the ejaculation if you are unable to fix the problems on your own. It is normal when the sexual intercourse lasts for five minutes for satisfying relationship. If intravaginal ejaculatory latency time is less, problems in the couple can occur.

If you feel that you have a problem, you should measure the time between the beginning of vaginal intermission and the point of intravaginal ejaculation. It will be easier for doctor to see your particular situation if you provide exact information, not just express your disappointment with sexual performance.